A day in our program

During the 12 weeks of the program you are going to be immersed in a high-intensity, but very structured and balanced environment - specifically designed for you to thrive.

You will be following a daily schedule that includes different elements focusing on things such as: individual effort and resilience, group work, one-on-one mentoring, lectures, live sessions, mental health breaks, question space, and recap. Check out your full day below.

Warm-up problem

Time to start, first task in your day is to complete a coding challenge as a warm-up. These challenges increase in difficulty through the course and often are related to the topic of the day.


A new lecture is available to you. In them we introduce a new topic or we go deep in a concept thought the day before. These lectures are recorded so you can access whenever you want.

Live coding and Q&A

Time to check in with a mentor. Let's have a conversation about the lecture. Do you have questions? We'll sort them out. You don't know where to start? Ok, let's grab the computer and do a live coding session so you see how it's done step by step.

A student typing some code while pairing with a classmate over zoom.

You're ready to start the exercise. Read its instructions grab your peer and start following the steps. Sometimes the steps are not going to be obvious and you'll have to think the solution. Sometimes you're going to get really stuck and not finding a solution for some time, then it's time to call an instructor to guide you through it. They will be always available.

Break + Industry Touchpoint

Why don't you take a break? Grab a herbal tea and some fruit. When you come back there's a video explaining some great company values: today's Diversity and Inclusion – Women in leadership.

Review with an instructor

Time to join your instructor again, let’s review the day. We have checked your progression and detect some common pitfalls so let’s review them. Now you have more questions, actually it’s a good sign, that means you’re getting it!

Social Time

Yesterday we had a fun activity, today it’s your peer turn to present about his interests. Practice active listening and speak your mind in the questions round. That was a good presentation, he’s improving. Get some ideas, tomorrow is your turn!

You're done!