It's not a course, it's your first job

Kickstart your career as a developer with our Software Engineering Program

  • Study where professionals do
  • Barcelona or Online
  • Learn software engineering and get hired in 12 weeks.
  • Close-up mentorship. We leverage your individual skillset and objectives.
  • Become one of the top professionals in the industry of the future.
  • Highest quality and intensity of the industry with a focus on mental health.

Program Highlights

Industry-focused skills

Our teachers, with extensive experience leading tech companies, have curated and maintained a syllabus that is focused on the technical skills that companies want. 

We also teach technical teams in companies. Working closely with them feeds back our curriculum keeping it updated at all times to meet the current industry demand.

All exercises are delivered using industry-standard tools like Git/GitHub continuous integration, processes, and tools an engineer uses every day.

Soft skills for your career

All companies agree: they prefer to hire an engineer who is a team player, rather than one with better tech skills who will be isolated at the desk.

Soft skills are important for a great career evolution, and they are rare. Practice how to give and receive feedback, how to run a retrospective, or how to present a deck to management. Be patient and empathetic to others and understand what managers seek from you, and what they can help you with. These skills we often oversee, are key to bringing a career to the next level.

Top talent peers

We are the first filter of talent, our demanding admission process ensures our program is coursed by the top-tier talent, top in aptitude and attitude. Also, you will work with peers coming from different backgrounds, which enriches the experience through composing diverse teams.

Top-talent guarantees a high chance for our graduates to have a successful career in outstanding companies. Your peers are going to succeed and they are going to form your network.

Quality over quantity.

Balanced and Effective

Companies use Agile Methodologies like Kanban, Scrum, or XP to be adaptive, fast, and reliable. We prepare you for the processes and rituals you’re going to face in your future job position so you’re already familiar with them and contributing effectively to the team from the very start.

Even better, if you see some elements missing you can be the one introducing them to the team. You’ll see how some are really valuable!

Daily pills of wisdom

«The Pragmatic Programmer», «Clean Code», «Peopleware», ... there are many insightful books you should read, but it requires too much time you don’t have. In our program, we present them to you as concentrated daily pills so you can start building your foundations. There will be time to read them later in detail.

And it’s not only book excerpts, we also have to introduce you to industry leaders, historical facts, useful psychology concepts, and some other tips!

Wherever you are

An example of how a group call looks when the students join from different countries


Joining the program from wherever you are. Use the same tools and practice the same rituals as in companies with remote jobs.

Our office in Barcelona. An inspirational place that will help you focus on learning.

Barcelona Campus

Meet our instructors and your peers in person. Our amazing offices in Norrsken Tech Hub in Barcelona are the perfect environment to keep your focus and inspiration up.

Arol Viñolas - Founder and CTO of giving a lecture on software engineering.

Arol, mentor and software engineer

I first touched code at 14 and built my first video game at 17. Since then programming is my life and teaching is my passion.

Some of what I did before:

  • Built a leading software development agency
  • Co-founded a top European coding bootcamp
  • Been an engineering manager at Typeform
  • Led the design and implementation of state-of-the-art web architecture in one of the top tech companies
  • Taught engineers at organizations such as the UN, Hotjar, SEIDOR, ESADE

I enjoy teaching and mentoring talented, highly-motivated individuals to become industry-leading developers. If that sounds like you - I invite you to join me and shape the future of education together.

Work in top companies

My mentees are working in great companies around the globe.

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A team that talks experience

Arol personally taught teams from top tech companies and educational institutions like:

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Master the industry tools

Our teachers, with extensive experience leading tech companies, have curated and maintained a syllabus that is focused on the technical skills that companies want.

We also teach technical teams in leading tech companies, working closely with them feeds back our curriculum keeping it updated at all times to meet the current industry demand.

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Next starting dates

August 5th, 2024

Duration 12 weeks, graduation on November 2nd.

Apply before July 1st, 2023.

This course will have 1-week break at week 7.

September 23rd, 2024

Duration 12 weeks, graduation on December 21st, 2024.

Apply before August 20th, 2024.

This course will have a 1-week break at week 7.

November 11th, 2024

Duration 12 weeks, graduation on February 22nd, 2025.

Apply before October 5th, 2024.

This course will have a 3-week break at week 7.


Our Software Engineering Program's tuition is 11,900€*

*Our students recover this investment in less than 6 months.

We offer three types of payment as described below. But hey, if you are a talented, dedicated individual, you want it badly but don’t see your option - contact us, and let’s make it work. Because we believe in you.

Upfront payment

You can pay the tuition cost all at once and forget about it, solely focusing on your growth.

  • 1.000€ to secure a seat
  • 10.900€ before the start date

Split payment

You make the payment in several parts if that makes it easier at no extra cost.

  • Pay 1.000€ to secure a seat
  • Pay 4.900€ before the start date
  • And 2.000€ every month of the program (3 instalments)


Pay 600€ now and nothing until you get a job. Yes, we are so certain you will get it.

  • Pay 600€ to secure a seat
  • Once you find a job: Pay 16% of your salary until paid 1.17x the tuition cost.
  • Total cost over time: 13.900€

A day in our program

During the 12 weeks of the program, you will immerse yourself in a high-intensity but very structured and balanced environment - specifically designed for you to thrive.

You will be following a daily schedule that includes elements such as individual effort and resilience, group work, one-on-one mentoring, lectures, live sessions, mental health breaks, question space, and recap. Check out your full day below.

Warm-up problem

Live coding and Q&A

Review with an instructor

Book a call with us

Are you wondering if this is for you? Questions roaming through your head?

Let’s have a quick chat and we will answer all those questions. It’s commitment-free, we would simply love to get to know you.