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We are a dynamic team made of mixed profiles and top talent of the industry. We are the best in our fields and we call this team our family, because we care. We are all united by passion for quality education.

Revolutionize Professional Education

Hey, I am Arol, I am the founder of arol.dev. I'm a software engineer and I love it, but my education process was painful. I studied for seven years at university, and although some parts of it were great, the whole thing was long and diluted. It forced me to turn away many job offers and opportunities on exciting projects, both in Spain and internationally, while I continued my studies. Looking back, I feel like the amount of time spent at uni was not worth it in the long run.

Then you start your first job only to hear concepts such as be leanfailing fastiterative learning and realize that all these years at university taught you the wrong mental model, and you need to relearn quickly.

Let's solve this.

Changing the way we learn

We believe professional education should consist of many short and immersive episodes rather than one single long pilgrimage. This way, you acquire actionable value in months, practice it in real jobs, and gain experience quickly. This approach helps you better understand who you want to be as a professional and what you need to learn next. You can then pursue the next educational challenge with another efficient and immersive phase that will reshape your profile.

This approach is what will bring a different kind of species to the workforce; mixed profiles. And those profiles will fuel innovation from within.

Finally, education should have practice at its core. Only when we achieve fluidity in how we work - that’s when we have the mental bandwidth to innovate. Education has to be the perfect mix of fundamental concepts from academia, and up-to-date workflows and practices that real companies are using today.

We offer a space where you can follow a lean approach to your career, leveraging what makes you unique.

We enable lean education.


Software Engineering Program

Become a Software Engineer with a 12-week program where you will get the skills to land a job and create end-to-end applications.

All the skills you need

We teach the technologies used by current companies.  Be able to build a web application like uber, end to end.

Experienced Instructors

Our team of instructors is led by senior developers with extensive experience in companies. They will guide you on what skills companies actually want from their engineers.

Land a job

Not everything is code. Focus on the soft skills that will improve your work and collaboration capabilities.  They are key to ensuring a successful career.

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