Our Software Engineering Program's tuition is 11,900€

*Our students recover this investment in less than 6 months.

We offer three types of payment as described below. But hey, if you are a talented, dedicated individual, you want it badly but don’t see your option - contact us and let’s make it work. Because we believe in you.

Upfront payment

Pay the tuition in one single payment before starting the course. Once done, forget about it and focus solely on your growth.

Anyone is applicable for this payment method. After you apply, you will go through our admissions process. Once you're approved to take the course, you will be able to reserve a seat in one of the courses. Seats are limited per course, and the seat reservation has a price of 1.000€. You can pay the total amount if you want in advance. The following final payment is due two weeks before the course starts, when you will pay the rest of the tuition, 10.900€.

Split payment

With our Split Payment method, you can split the payment of the course into several payments through the course.

Up to the reservation of the course, this payment method does not differ much from the Upfront Payment. Once you pass our admissions process, you're able to reserve a seat in an upcoming course with a 1.000€ payment.

From now on the process changes, two weeks before the course starts you will pay only 4.900€.

The rest of the tuition will be paid in 3 monthly instalments of 2.000€ each. As the Upfront Payment, anyone is able is applicable for the Split Payment.


An Income Share Agreement is a formula that lets you pay for the course once you get a job. The ISA is a way to execute our vision and lower the entry bar for courses like ours. If you pass our admissions process with excellence - we genuinely believe you're up for a successful career, and if we're wrong, it's on us.

In every class we have 2 ISA spots and the most talented and dedicated people have access to those. To apply for this payment method, you'll have to let us know in the application form or on the first chat with our team. Then, you will go through the steps of our ISA admissions process and we will let you know if you qualify for the program.

Once you're approved, the reservation of the seat is half of the other methods: 600€. You can now forget about the payment and focus on learning and on starting your successful career.

After you graduate, when you get a job, you will pay for the course with 16% of your salary until one of these two conditions are met:

  • You paid 1.17x the original value of the course, or a total of 13.900€ over time. In this case, you already paid the entire ISA agreement. Congratulations!
  • You paid 65 quotas. Regardless of the amount you paid, you won't pay more time than that. Aside from considering the course paid, we'll be in contact with you to understand your case and see how we can help increase your income.

We hope this explanation helped you decide; if this is the case, you can apply now and start our admissions process.

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