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Make sure your teams use cutting- edge stack, follow industry best practices, and stay motivated while growing and unblock real struggles through hands-on learning.

  • Better output quality
  • Productivity increase
  • Employee motivation improvement


Make the process of new member integration seamless, and efficient to the highest standards of the industry, with tailored soft + hard skill onboarding set up.

  • Improved time to produce
  • Better team vs. members fit
  • Output quality and uniformity improvement


In short time cover the open positions with candidates selected and trained specifically for you - guarantee the perfect fit in terms of skills and values.

  • Candidate best fit
  • Hire for the investment imrovement
  • Hiring efficiency increase

Educational Model of

Hire our graduates

In our software engineering program we train top talent to become independent and high level professionals. We graduate a wide range of professionals, from junior mixed profiles, to seniors, leads and managers.

If you would like to access the list of our open to work graduates request it below and we will forward you a detailed database with CVs and scorecard excerpts. Additionally you can ask us for a recommendation for a specific profile / person.

The Team of Experts

Our team's top priority is the quality and the results of the people we train. We are oriented towards your goals and work to achieve them together.

Arol - Profile picture

Arol Viñolas

Founder & Head of Education

Arol, a generalist industry referent with 20+ years of experience, serial entrepreneur and ex -Typeform, leads a team of brilliant specialists - each one being one of the best in their field.

Arol will be the one working directly on the strategy, definition of the structure of the program and designating the team in charge.

Expert Team Members

The training itself is done by top specialists in the particular fields. Today our tech team is composed of 15 engineers (coming from Typeform, Apple, Amazon, Cabify etc.) and supported a team of coaches and admins. This structure allows us to cover a wide range of topics with the highest quality.

Abhishek Garg - Profile Picture

Abhishek Garg - Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Front-end master, maximum care for the student. Ex -Apple, -Meta.

Jaysheel Shah - Profile Picture

Jaysheel Shah - Senior Back-End Engineer

Specialized in system design. Ex -Amazon, -Microsoft.

Olga's Profile Picture

Olga Shirokova - Soft Skill Coach and Facilitator Specialized on communication and organisational values.

A team that talks experience

Arol personally taught teams from top tech companies and educational institutions like:

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Some of the Topics we Teach

Front-end Development

FE Frameworks like React, Vue, Angular. UX and responsive design. All topics include a module about Advanced Testing.

  • Integrate the top trends of the industry and best practices.
  • Focus on quality: clean code, performance optimization, automated testing.
  • Potential outcomes: improved user experiences, increased productivity, reduced technical debt, unblocking, team motivation.

Back-end Development

Node.js, Go, Java/Hibernate, Ruby on Rails. All topics come with a module about Databases and Advanced Testing.

  • Integrate the top trends of the industry and best practices.
  • Focus on quality: clean code writing, ensuring reliable and maintainable solutions.
  • Potential outcomes: improved efficiency, faster response times, optimized performance, and innovation flow.


AWS, CDK, Terraform, Logging, Monitoring, Containerization and Orchestration, automation and CI/CD, GitHub Actions, Travis CI, etc.

  • Optimize and automate your infrastructure and drive seamless operations for better results.
  • Quality Approach: robust logging and monitoring practices, ensuring proactive issue detection and efficient troubleshooting.
  • Potential outcomes: faster and more reliable deployments, effortless scaling, adaptability to changing business needs, automate of software delivery pipeline, continuous integration and deployment, reduction of manual errors and increased efficiency.

Agile for engineering teams

Scrum, Kanban, Shape up, User Stories, Estimation & Velocity, Agile Metrics & Reporting

  • Enable Efficient Project Management, adaptability and collaboration.
  • Quality Approach: Ensure a better understanding and alignment between engineering teams and stakeholders.
  • Potential Outcomes: Accurate estimation and velocity, consistent delivery, effective insight generation to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Mobile development

iOS, Android - Swift, Kotlin, Data Persistence, Networking, Concurrency & Multithreading, App Deployment & Distribution

  • Enabling your team to create high-quality mobile apps to captivate your users on multiple platforms efficiently.
  • Quality Approach: Learn best practices for implementing data persistence in mobile apps, ensuring data integrity and efficient storage.
  • Potential Outcomes: seamless networking, smooth user experience, responsiveness and performance optimization, proper testing, signing, and release management.

AI and Machine Learning

Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, MLOps practices.

  • Empower your team with training in cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies.
  • Quality Approach: Design, train, and deploy robust deep learning models for reliable and breakthrough results.
  • Potential outcomes: derive meaningful insights from unstructured data, develop intelligent agents that can learn and make decisions based on the environment, smooth and efficient machine learning workflows.


Secure Coding Practices, OWASP Top 10, API Security, DevSecOps, Threat Modeling, Incident Response.

  • Implement secure coding practices to enhance your organization's security posture and safeguard your critical assets from cyber threats.
  • Quality Approach: Adopt measures to mitigate security risks in your applications and guarantee safety for your date and data of your clients.
  • Potential outcomes: Sensitive data protection, unauthorized access prevention, security in the entire software development lifecycle, minimizing potential damages and reducing downtime.

Process we apply in our trainings

1. Study to ensure Tech and Cultural Alignment

Process coordinated with a Tech Responsible and HR responsible from the company to align the technical and cultural requirements and priorities.

2. Structure adjustment and coordination

Our team designs the training process and adjusts to the requirements and key objectives of the program. In this process regular feedback touch points are required with the client team.

3. Training Phase

Active training phase begins and the designed program is being implemented. Here our specialists are fully responsible for the training, the results are constantly monitores by our tech leads and regular updates are made with the client.

4. Integration and Continuous Improvement

When possible we recommend maintaining a refinement phase before closing the project to ensure the best results in the long run and a smooth integration of the provided training, this way maximizing the potential of the team.

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