Copilot and ChatGPT Can Become Your 24/7 Productivity Duo (Here’s How)

Copilot and ChatGPT can become your 24/7 productivity duo (here’s how)

Everyone talks about whether artificial intelligence will replace developers or not, but we aren’t talking enough about how useful it can be to help you get more work done in less time. So If you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace Copilot and ChatGPT.

What is Copilot?

⭐ Copilot, powered by GitHub and OpenAI, is an AI-powered code completion tool. It suggests lines of code in real-time, helping you write faster and cleaner code.

What is ChatGPT?

⭐ ChatGPT, also by OpenAI, is basically your AI assistant. It can help you with different tasks like coming up with ideas, explaining complex programming languages, or creating documentation.

Imagine having an always-available partner to brainstorm and work on your projects, that gives you suggestions in real-time. ChatGPT and Copilot make it easy to share thoughts, refine ideas, and discuss how to do things better for your projects. They’re like rocket fuel for your productivity. 

Here are 10 ways they can help you:

1. Ready-to-use code

Copilot can help you create custom code libraries tailored to your project. This way, you can quickly access and reuse them whenever needed, saving you time and effort in writing repetitive sections of code. It also helps in organizing these libraries for easy access. This means you can build up a collection of code snippets and pick them without having to start from scratch. 

2. Automatic code reviews

You can use Copilot to check your code and spot any potential mistakes and suggest improvements. It's like having a second pair of eyes on your work. Copilot can also adapt and learn how you like to code, meaning that over time it can match its suggestions to your coding style and help in your skill development.

3. Learn new tricks

Copilot can teach you new coding tricks. If you're curious about a new programming language or framework, it can show you how it structures the code and how to use it. It's kind of like having a guide to help you.

At the same time, ChatGPT has essentially an endless knowledge base, sharing information whenever you need it, making it a great tool for continuous learning. It’s also ready to explain things whenever you have a question. Like if you wanted to use React in Typescript, you could read our article here and then ask ChatGPT any follow-up questions. 😉

4. Easy integrations

When working on integrating APIs or third-party services, Copilot can suggest the easiest and most efficient ways to do it. It helps link things up smoothly so you can spend less time struggling to make things work together and more time working on your projects.

5. Fix bugs quickly

Copilot can help you quickly find and fix bugs in your codebase. It helps by giving you solutions that match what you're doing, making the debugging process faster. Your work goes quicker and smoother, helping you get more done with less issues.

6. Understand complex code

If you're stuck on understanding a tricky piece of code, ChatGPT can break it down into a simple explanation. This way devs can get a better grasp of the logic and how the code is put together. Understanding how the code works makes it easier to work with and build upon it.

7. Create documentation

ChatGPT can help you write documentation for your projects based on the code you've written. This makes the documentation clear and organized, so it’s easier to understand the project better. When others need to understand what your project does or how it works, this documentation makes it simple for everyone to follow along.

8. Better pair programming

You can use both Copilot and ChatGPT during pair programming sessions for better collaboration. Copilot helps with code, and ChatGPT helps with planning and talking through ideas. This makes the session more efficient and actually helpful to the devs involved. 

9. Project planning

ChatGPT can help you plan your project and set goals. It helps organize your thoughts and create a structured roadmap for your project. It assists in deciding what’s important and prioritizing tasks, making it easier to decide the next steps for your project.

10. Round-the-clock support

Whenever you hit a problem or have a new idea, Copilot and ChatGPT are there to support 24/7. Whether it's fixing a tricky debugging sess or a sudden brainstorming moment, they're ready whenever you need them. 

When Copilot and ChatGPT work together, they're a powerful team for getting things done. This productivity duo can become a crucial part of your work life, giving support, ideas, and solutions whenever you might need them.